Pricing List

(Prices listed do not include a 7.375% Minnesota State and Rice County sales tax. Prices listed are estimates only under ideal condition of the specimen upon arrival. Prices are subject to change due to conditions outside the company’s control. If there is something that is not listed the company will provide an estimate as soon as possible. Note: The shop rate is $48.00 per hour plus cost of material. A Non-Refundable deposit is required before any work begins. A minimum deposit of 35% to 50% is required. Prices valid as of September 1, 2022)

Shoulder Mounts (North American)

Antelope/Whitetail $750.00(CM)
- Open mouth +225.00

Mule Deer $775.00
- Open mouth +225.00

Black Bear $500.00(CM)
- Open mouth +$250.00

Boar $775.00(CM)
- Open mouth +$275.00

Bobcat $600.00(CM)
- Open mouth +$200.00

Buffalo $2,400.00(CM)

Caribou $1,400.00(CM)

Coyote $600.00(CM)
- Open mouth +$200.00

Elk $1,400.00(CM)
-Open mouth +$350.00
-Peg antler(per 1) $165.00

Fox $550.00(CM)
-Open mouth +$200.00

Moose $1,800.00(CM)

Mountain Goat $900.00(CM)

Mountain Lion $650.00(CM)

Raccoon $550.00(CM)
-Open mouth +$200.00

Sheep $925.00(CM)

African/Exotics(Minimum Prices)

Black Wildebeest $1,300.00

Blesbok $950.00

Gemsbok $1,300.00

Kudu $1,700.00

Warthog $950.00

Zebra $1,500.00


Skin $19.00 per inch ($300.00 min.)
(artificial head and fins will be an additional cost)

Trout and Salmon $20.00 per inch($300.00 min)

Reproduction $24.00 per inch($400.00 min.)

Pike Heads $400.00

Habitat Displays

(Price subject to size and content. Estimates are given on a project by project basis)

Cedar and Spruce Driftwood
-Small $35.00
-Med $40.00
-Large $45.00
-Ex. Large $55.00+

Sm. Star(roots, branches) $55.00
Med. Star $65.00
Lg. Star $75.00

Added Vegetation $50.00+

Glass Display Case $1,000.00 min

Shipping $50.00 min

Life-Size Mounts

(Estimates only! The cost of the form and tanning will affect the final price. Prices shown are estimated high for larger than average specimens.)

Antelope $2,500.00(CM)

Black Bear $2,900.00(CM) $3,100.00(OM)

Black Bear(1/2 size) $1,600.00(CM) $1,850.00(OM)

Beaver $1,100.00

Boar $2,400.00(CM)

Bobcat $1,400.00(CM) $1,600.00(OM)

Coyote $1,400.00(CM) $1,600.00(OM)

Deer (whitetail/Mule) $3,000.00(CM)

Elk $4,500.00

Grizzly Bear $5,500(CM)

Fisher $1,000.00(CM)

Fox $1,200.00(CM) $1,400.00(OM)

Mountain Lion $2,300(CM) $2,500(OM)

Rabbit $650.00

Raccoon $1,100.00(CM) $1,300.00(OM)

Sheep $3,000.00

Squirrel $500.00


Black Bear
-$300.00 per linear foot(2 felt colors)
-$350.00 per linear foot(3 felt colors)


Quail/Hungarians $350.00

Pheasants/Grouse $395.00

Ducks (except eiders and Scoters) $395.00

Eiders and Scoters $450.00

Cacklers/Sm. Ross $550.00

Snows/White fronts/Brant/Lg. Ross/med. Canada Geese $600.00

Lg. Canada Geese $750.00

-Open Mouth Birds +$65.00

Swans $1,200.00

Turkey Fan Panel $175.00

-Feet +$250.00

Turkey Wing/Tail/Feet $550.00

Turkey Chest Panel $750.00

Full Turkey $1,200.00


European Skull $165.00 (without wood panel.)

Deer/Antelope Horn Panel $150.00 (includes wood panel.)

Elk Horn Panel $250.00 (includes wood panel.)

Remove hair from skull plate $65.00

Deer Foot for Gun Rack $175.00 ea.

Trophy Plates $25.00 min